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Why did you start LearnOn?

Learn On, started out as a discussion among a few like-minded parents about why technology wasn’t being used effectively in their child’s school. Sumesh, Jabeen and I apart from being college mates were all involved with technology and education at some points in our careers. We just weren’t able to understand why the same level of technology application had not been made in schools today as in other industries. Jabeen who was a teacher at the time mentioned that the main issue was teacher training and providing adequate support. Moreover, the tools that were there in schools were more for administrative staff rather than helping the teacher. If, you are interested in a modern day school supply businesses, you can try LearnOn.

How is LearnOn different from other institutes?

I had just read how Khan Academy was changing the way teachers were able to help students in the US with the power of data and technology. Given the different approaches to school education in both countries, we knew a system like this would not work in India. However, learning analytics was something that teachers really hadn’t used in their teaching approach. This was what we wanted to change in the system.

As an experiment we gathered data from different class tests that Jabeen had conducted over the past couple of months and did some very simple excel analysis. The results helped Jabeen identify specific topics that her students needed help with before the term exam. This got us thinking; What if a teacher didn’t have to wait for a unit test to get this kind of analysis? The reason was very simple, once a child see’s a series of poor results in any subject’s unit test they would quickly lose interest and confidence in their ability to learn the subject. This is when we realized that the homework or practice worksheets given by a teacher could easily provide a teacher this exact information and that too before a test. The only issue was that teachers needed time to evaluate and then consolidate and analyse the results of homework. Truth be told, teacher’s just wouldn’t have the time to do this kind of analysis no matter how dedicated they were. The time taken to do something like this would be simply too much. And this is exactly where technology can help teachers.

How has technology helped in enhancing LearnOn’s services?

We all agreed, that technology could help the teacher understand the learning levels of each child for every concept as part of the learning process. This would help the teacher provide a personalized learning experience for each child in the classroom. This formed the basis and vision for setting up LearnOn.

How has LearnOn evolved and what lays ahead?

In the next few months, Sumesh developed a prototype of what our solution would look like and we presented it to a few schools to get feedback. The response was very encouraging, infact a couple of schools wanted to pilot it right away. Seeing the potential in the solution, JMR Infotech came in as a strategic investor. JMR’s global reach and support infrastructure gave us access to resources and markets that would have otherwise taken us years to develop.

Since the launch of our communication platform C-talk in Mar’16, we now have ten clients, and three revenue generating solutions meeting the needs of different market segments. LearnOn is primed for scaling up across India through franchise partnerships. Franchise partners not only get to leverage the growth opportunity in India but also have the opportunity to expand into international markets through the JMR network. LearnOn is undoubtedly one of the best school supplies business franchise.

What’s your vision?

At LearnOn, our vision is to equip educators with technology solutions that permit them to provide individual attention to each student unlocking their true potential. We are on a mission to reach 100+ educational institutions within the next year. If you have a school uniform supply business plan or are a registered school suppliers or want to make the most of the growth the schools are going to witness in the coming years, you must move on and connect with the current offerings with good margins and very less competition. You could create a continuous stream of income by bringing schools on board and benefit from their year on year renewals.

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