Ardra-India’s rich hand-loom and traditional craftsmanship through its soulful clothing

Ardra is in a pursuit of creating awareness for India’s rich hand-loom and traditional craftsmanship through its soulful clothing.

From their humble beginning in the living room of a row house, to now with a production unit, retail store and showcased by esteemed exhibitors across eleven cities, ārdrā has come a long way.
Today they work with Government bodies, NGO’s and fashion exhibitors like Cra Council of India Dastkar, Concern India Foundation, e Lil Flea, Black Taxi and Style Cracker.

With thousands of their clients in major cities, They are now excited to bring a store near them through Franchise.


• Understanding of the market place

ārdrā by intension engages in an extensive and robust activity, partnering with exhibitors to conduct 24+ events per year. Spreading across relevant geographies and attracting the ideal clientèle, all in an e ort to gather the pulse of the market place.

• Integrated design and manufacturing

ārdrā has consistently invested in building integrated capabilities of in-house design, manufacturing, and strong sourcing. Combined with leveraging our understanding of the market place, ārdrā delivers in-time designs and high-quality products every week.

Ardra values its relationship developed over the years with thousands of customers across 11+ cities, They are now looking to partner with fellow entrepreneurs who share their purpose of taking this relationship forward and bringing a store near them. 

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