Craig Shelly-Keeping Time with the Precious Jewels: Master Entry in India

CRAIG SHELLY is a designer brand of Swiss made Timepieces, Jewelry, and high-end accessories with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. CS is the Official Timekeepers of Beverly Hills Police, Cricket All Stars & IPL Team GUJARAT LIONS! 

CRAIG SHELLY is also a proud Timepieces partner of Aviation group with over 80 private jet FBOs across the United States. CS is recently expanded outside of US into Australia, NewZealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore and now in INDIA!!

Business model:

CS work on a Master Distributor / Sub-distributor model for wholesale business & Channel partner & Franchisee model for their retail business. Also, CS offer exclusive rights to the markets and provide fair margins. Additionally, CraigShelly provides branding showcase display elements, visual merchandising and sales training.

On the other hand, Retailer margins are up to 40 points Master distributor margins are up to 15 points. Additional margins and bonus points are provided once sales targets and brand policies are met. Also, CS has a SPIFF program for sales associates which keeps sales staff motivated.

Please note that MRPs and margins vary from market to market and from one product category to another and are subject to change as per our company policies:

Franchise model for concept stores:

  • Owner/operator training required
  • All Mall locations or high street locations are subject to approval
  • A Minimum licensing fee or franchise fee and a security deposit are required. Total packaged Pricing will include store building, furniture fixtures and initial inventories with visuals, packaging and a uniform POS system.
  • Additionally, The franchisee must follow company’s guidelines including CS way of selling, dress code, inventory restock.
  • The franchisee must comply with sales staff training, visuals guidelines, and marketing campaigns.
  • Brand Consistency and identity must be maintained with all other concept stores.

Start your own business and get an expert advice for choosing a right business model for your city/town.

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